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Make your House Stand-out in a Crowded Market

Making Your Home Stand Out

Selling a home and preparing for the house to be sold are common today as relocation is very common in the United States.  Many people do not know how to stage their house in order to have the sale of the house go smoothly.  Many people do not even fully know what home staging is.  Home staging is preparing your house for a sale.  This is done by making sure that the appearance and the presentation of the house are matching the house and atmosphere to make the sale of the home.

How to stage your home

The goal of the home staging would be to present the house in a way that buyers would want to make the purchase.  Looking through the eyes of a buyer for staging your house, it is essential to give it that top notch presentation that makes it stand out among the rest.  Staging has many benefits like increasing the chances the house sells, limiting the time that it is on the market, and justifying the asking price of the house.   Here are some ways that can help you stage your home:


Home staging exterior

  • Exterior: Take a look around the outside of the house and see if there is anything that you can notice that needs to be touched up.  One big thing with the exterior is making sure that the paint is looking good.  A house with chipped paint or is poorly painted gives it a bad first impression and doesn’t make it stand out.  The landscaping is also crucial as it adds a great tough to have fresh mulch, freshly cut grass, and trimmed bushes.

Home Staging Doorway

  • Entryway: This is what people will see as they first walk into your house.  Making sure that there is no clutter around as people walk in will make it seem larger than it is, giving it a great impression.  Make sure that windows are not covered as natural light gives a positive vibe to people looking at the house.

Home staging living room

  • Living and Family Room:  It is most effective in this setting to not have personal photos.  It makes the house look more appealing to buyers if it feels like it has not been lived in already.  A warm paint color, but that of a neutral is great on giving people a great taste of the house.

Home staging kitchen

  • Kitchen:  Not having clutter here is extremely effective as kitchens can often clutter up.  Having the shades open on the windows allows the natural light to shine off of the squeaky clean counter tops to make the room pop and have the wow factor.



  • Bedrooms: People are looking for comfort when they see the bedrooms.  So the color of everything in the room can give it a comfortable feel.  Limiting the furniture other than the essentials makes rooms seem bigger and more appealing.

Home staging can be an easy thing to make the house more appealing to buyers.  All it takes is some extra time and effort and your house can pop in the eyes of buyers and make them leaving thinking that they loved what they just saw.

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Make your House Stand-out in a Crowded Market


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