International Relocation: What to Know about Relocating to Northern Virginia

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International Relocation: What to Know about Relocating to Northern Virginia

While Washington D.C. as a whole might have fallen to fifth place in terms of prime cities in which to invest in the US, that trend hasn’t affected northern Virginia, which abuts D.C. In fact, international real estate investors and those choosing to immigrate to the US are choosing Virginia more and more, and it’s really no surprise why that’s the case. Between excellent employment opportunities, low real estate prices and plenty of outstanding education providers, Virginia is an incredible place to call home. What should immigrants know before relocating?

Proximity to D.C.

If one of your main criteria for moving here is proximity to Washington D.C., you’ll want to buy or invest in real estate in one of the main metro areas that make up the greater Washington Metro Area. These include Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria and Richmond. However, be prepared for higher real estate prices in these areas. With that being said, these are prime options for Chinese buyers, who often appreciate buying a well-known property, as well as for Indian immigrants, who prefer to buy in an area that’s highly walkable.

Technology Corridor

Northern Virginia’s technology corridor has become a prime attraction for international relocation. Chinese and Indian immigrants with technical skills and high education often choose to move to this area. Also called, the “Silicon Valley of the East”, it’s located near Dulles International Airport and provides a home for numerous government contractors, defense companies and more. Of course, there are smaller tech sectors spread throughout northern Virginia, all of which can offer excellent living conditions.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Virginia is lower than many other places in the US, ranking 99 while the nation as a whole ranked 100. Washington D.C. ranked at 140. So, residents choosing to live in Virginia will be able to make their money go further and enjoy lower prices on everything from entertainment to groceries to gasoline and professional services.

Quality of Living

For international immigrants concerned that the lower cost of living goes hand in hand with a lower quality of life, put those fears out of your mind. Northern Virginia is one of the most affluent parts of the entire country and has one of the best qualities of life in the US (Fairfax and Loudoun counties are the top grossing counties in the country in terms of income for residents).


While northern Virginia as a whole is certainly American, you’ll find cultural enclaves throughout. Both Indian and Chinese culture are widespread, with community-specific grocery stores, entertainment options, dining locations and temples/houses of worship throughout the state. Other cultures will find the area equally welcoming.

Northern Virginia has become an incredibly popular location for international relocation thanks to its high standard of living, the availability of excellent jobs, low cost of living and ease of accessing Washington D.C. and other areas. Those trends will continue to play a significant role into the future.


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