Canadian Investors in Northern VA Why, What and Where

Canadian Investors in Northern Virginia – Why, What and Where

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It’s no secret that Canadian investors in real estate have been making inroads into the US property scene for a long time. In fact, until just a few years ago, Canada was the single largest foreign real estate investor in America. While Chinese investors recently outperformed Canadian investors, you’ll find our northern neighbors are still avidly buying up properties across the country. And while states like Ohio, Utah and Michigan are very popular, many choose to buy in northern Virginia.

Why Virginia?

Many areas have undeniable appeal to real estate investors from abroad. Utah is rich in resorts, and buying properties around these areas gives investors a decent reward on their investment. Ohio has a very stable population, and cities like Columbus have increasing demands in the area of rental housing, making them smart choices. Even Detroit, Michigan is easy to understand – investors love the rock-bottom pricing. Why do so many choose northern Virginia, though? It’s all about location. Northern Virginia properties give investors something impossible to find anywhere else – proximity to the nation’s capital, combined with relatively low real estate prices and a stable real estate market.

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Where in Virginia?

The “where” of things is a bit harder to nail down. Chinese investors tend to buy properties in highly urbanized areas near high-tech firms, or else within cultural enclaves in the state. Canadians share a very similar culture with Americans, and aren’t restricted by language barriers. Additionally, many are choosing to move away from highly urbanized areas for their investing because of high competition from other international investors. Where are they turning? More and more are putting their money into properties in smaller regional hubs that connect small town America, rather than big cities. So, you’re more likely to see Canadian real estate investors active in places like Charlottesville than Arlington.

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What Are They Buying?

This one is even more difficult to nail down than the “where” – Canadian real estate investors are interested in a very wide range of different properties. Those with enough capital tend to focus on high-end properties with proximity to major hubs and the corridors of power in D.C., while others focus on smaller multiunit properties away from those major hubs. Single-family properties are popular as well, and provide a significant return on an initial investment. More and more Canadians are considering multifamily housing as a good investment as well. Apartment buildings, condos and the like are easily marketable and in high demand, particularly as northern Virginia’s population continues to climb with the recent influx of new employers and international residents to the area.

Key Features for Canadian Investors

Canadian Real Estate Wealth is a leading magazine dedicated to real estate investors in Canada, and it offers valuable insight into the minds of these investors, particularly what makes an appealing property. In an article published in December 2014, Ken Davidson recommends basing an investment decision on factors like high accessibility, public infrastructure redevelopment, employment trends, population growth and price.

Canadian real estate investors find that northern Virginia meets all of these criteria, providing a sound investment option.


Canadian Investors in Northern VA Why, What and Where



Top 5 Home Staging Tips

Top 5 Home Staging Tips

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Upholding the lap of luxury can be a daunting task when it becomes your everyday living space, but when Northern Virginia luxury homes hit the real estate market, they have a certain reputation they must uphold. Effective home staging is estimated to sell luxury real estate 80% faster and for prices 20% above the market. Boasting an impressive sale velocity of 30-60 days, Gene Mock and the Premier Team works to transform spaces and maximize buying and selling potential. While they may cater to an affluent clientele, Premier Team offers some everyday tips to sell any home faster and more profitably! Contact Gene Mock & The Premier Team 703-342-8100 to get more information about how we work to find the right buyers for your home.

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  1. Neutral Wall Color, period. When home staging in the Hamptons or Northern Virginia, always minimize color in favor of neutral, freshly painted walls. White makes every space appear larger and new.
  2. Remove all personal photographs before showing your home. Potential buyers want to envision their family in your space so minimize your personal touch when the “For Sale” sign hits your front yard.
  3. Make it easy for buyers to envision themselves in your home – the more obvious, the better. Open a cook book on the counter, set out a carafe of water, and lay a novel on the bedside table. These simple home staging concepts can trigger just the right amount of excitement in the mind of a potential buyer.
  4. Unclutter 50% of your personal belongings. Often potential buyers are concerned with storage capacity in a living space so clearing out your clutter will allow them to experience the true storage space of your home.
  5. Make your bathroom look like a hotel. Deep clean your entire bathroom space down to the grout in the tiles and be certain countertops are free of clutter. When home staging in the Hamptons or anywhere, bathrooms should appear as if the maid just dropped in with freshly rolled white towels.

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Luxury Home Buyers Demand a Posh Showing Experience

When buyers and sellers have the financial ability to participate in the luxury home space, they demand a posh showing experience. Every home has issues that get ignored, but whether the listing price is $250,000 or $2.5 million, the bottom line for any property on the market is – get it fixed! Affluent buyers demand affluent spaces and even if unloading a luxury property is burning a hole in your pocket, you still must invest heavily on buyers’ first impressions. The statistics prove over and over that staging a home to be its most appealing can, and will, sell a home faster and for a higher price.

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Top 5 Home Staging Tips