Canadians Invest in Northern VA Real Estate

Canadians Invest in Northern VA Real Estate

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Canadians in Northern Virginia: Where to Call Home

Northern Virginia has seen a significant amount of growth from a number of international immigrants. The Hispanic population is the largest of these, certainly, followed by those of Asian origin (including Indian, Chinese, Vietnamese and more). However, Canadians are also coming to the state in measurable numbers. Where do Canadians frequently settle? What sort of lifestyle do they enjoy?

Canadian  Real Estate Investors Come to Urban Areas

The most common choice for Canadians choosing to make their homes in northern Virginia is urban centers. You’ll find residents of Canadian origin in cities like Charlottesville, Arlington, Fairfax, Alexandria and Leesburg. Cities closer to Washington D.C. have a higher concentration of Canadian immigrants than those in more rural areas.

What Draws Canadian Immigrants?

Canadians are attracted to northern Virginia for the same reasons as other groups – namely, employment options, proximity to popular attractions and areas, the quality of the education, and the relative affluence of the area. Northern Virginia has the state’s highest average salary per household, and it’s also home to the most of the technology companies that call Virginia home. Combine that with attractions like Washington D.C., shopping areas like Potomac Mills and Tysons Corner Center, as well as historic attractions like Civil War monuments and battlefields, and it’s easier to see why Canadians are attracted to live here.

  • Lifestyle – Canadians immigrants will find that life in northern Virginia isn’t much different from what they knew at home. Canadians and Americans share a very similar culture, and there are no language barriers. In fact, many Americans are unable to tell that someone is from Canada unless they come from Quebec, or specifically state their nation of origin. So, Canadian immigrants enjoy the same lifestyle as their natural-born American counterparts, including the same employment opportunities, potential housing options and more.
  • Home Life – When it comes to purchasing real estate, Canadians have plenty of options. There are numerous apartment complexes in larger urban areas (think Alexandria and Fairfax, for instance). There are also condos, townhomes, single-family homes and more. The more rural the area, the less diverse the housing options will be, though, so immigrants seeking a short-term rental generally gravitate to more urban areas.
  • Religion – While technically part of the Bible Belt, northern Virginia is home to a growing number of religions. The majority of the area’s residents are Protestant, but Catholicism, Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions are also present.
  • Employment Options – Canadians moving to northern Virginia will find that most of the area’s employment options are centered closer to Washington D.C. Cities like Arlington and Fairfax offer jobs within their bounds, as well as a place to live within easy reach of D.C. and the myriad employment options available with the federal government. Technology companies, businesses in the tourism industry, healthcare workers and state and federal government jobs are the prime options.

Canadian immigrants choosing to call northern Virginia home will find that things aren’t so different from home, and that there’s plenty to love in the state.