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The Impact of Indian Immigration on Northern Virginia

The Impact of Indian Immigration on Northern Virginia

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It would seem logical that the nation to which immigrants move would have a larger impact on their lives than they would have on the area in which they settle, but that’s proving to be untrue, at least with Indian immigrants to northern Virginia. They’re having a significant impact on the culture, employment and even entertainment sectors in the northern half of the state, and across the country if truth be told.

Fairfax County – A Case Study

One needs look no further than Fairfax County for proof of how Indian immigrants are changing the fabric of northern Virginia. Currently, the area has over 107,000 residents of Indian descent, which is up 50% compared to what it was just 5 years ago. They’re now the richest minority in Fairfax County (and across the nation, really), and almost 75% of Indian residents hold at least a bachelor’s degree, with many holding multiple degrees. They’re one of the most upwardly mobile ethnic groups, and while outnumbered by Chinese residents, they’re making their presence felt much more strongly.


One area where Indian immigrants are changing things is in the realm of employment. The US has a significant demand for highly trained, skilled professionals in medicine, technology and any number of other areas. That demand is being filled, not by homegrown professionals, but by Indian immigrants and their natural-born American citizen children. Virginia’s technology corridors are prime examples here, but you’ll also find Indians settling in areas with easy access to Washington D.C., where they work in government jobs, as well as for international organizations, including the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

Income Increases

As mentioned, Indian immigrants are now the wealthiest minority in Virginia. The median income for Asians as a whole across the US was $57,518, but Indians specifically earned a median income of $68,771, which far exceeds any other demographic, including Caucasian Americans.

Indian immigrants are coming to northern Virginia in record numbers, and they’re having a significant impact on the culture and economy. Those changes are certainly for the good, and enrich the lives of all residents.

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The Impact of Indian Immigration on Northern Virginia




Factors Driving Canadian Immigration for Northern Virginia

Factors Driving Canadian Immigration for Northern Virginia

Northern Virginia is a diverse place, with wilderness areas, highly urbanized areas and everything in between. It’s one of the fastest growing sections of the nation in terms of international immigration, and regularly attracts individuals and families from all around the world, including our northern neighbor, Canada. What are the major factors that attract Canadian immigrants to northern Virginia? Actually, you’ll find they’re pretty similar to what brings others to the state, with a couple of differences.

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Proximity to D.C.

Perhaps the most common reason for moving to northern Virginia is to be close to Washington D.C. From Richmond to Alexandria and a number of other cities, Canadian immigrants find that it’s more convenient to live in Virginia and commute to D.C., whether they’re working in the government sector, education, technology or something else.

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Cost of Living

Potential residents find that it’s cheaper to live in Virginia than D.C. as well. According to Zillow, Richmond has a cost of living index of 99, which is slightly below the national average of 100, but significantly lower than Washington D.C.’s 140. So, immigrants are able to get more bang for their buck in all areas of their lives, from real estate to groceries to gas and entertainment.


Quite a few Canadians choose to move to northern Virginia for the climate (combined with other factors, of course). With the state’s warm summers and cool, but not cold, winters, it’s an inviting difference in comparison to the climate of many areas in Canada, as well as the US Northeast.

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Income Potential

While not true across all areas of northern Virginia, the area in general has a higher than average annual income ($61,000 per year). That increases the closer to D.C. and other developed areas you get, and is actually about $9,000 per year more than the US national average. Canadian immigrants choose to move here to take advantage of the higher quality of living and the better income potential than what’s possible in other areas of the US, or at home in Canada.

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 Real Estate Prices

You’d expect an area with a higher income potential to have higher real estate prices, but Virginia’s real estate is actually relatively reasonable, even within urbanized areas. Move out of Alexandria and Richmond and you’ll find those prices drop considerably, and rural areas are even more affordable. Canadian residents find that this enables them to own more home for less money than would be possible in another state.


 Retirement Areas

One of the major demographics seeing growth in northern Virginia is those aged 55 and up. The state attracts Canadians, US residents from the Northeast, and even those who’ve moved to Florida only to find that it didn’t really agree with them. Winchester, Williamsburg, Alexandria and Prince George are just a few of the areas popular with Canadians seeking a retirement home.

As you can see, there are numerous compelling reasons for Canadians to call northern Virginia home, but they are just one of a number of international investors.

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Factors Driving Canadian Immigration for Northern Virginia


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